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ATTENTION!!! "FACETIME HEAVEN" is currently available on iTunes-Apple music-Amazon-Spotify and Google Play.

New!! Gospel music section for your inspiration. Click on music and scroll to "Church".

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First I would like to thank God for blessing me with the gift of music and a purpose to touch and inspire many lives around the globe. Much love to everyone on the team that made this awesome project come to fruition! Ezidinma, Chico Bennett, and my son Michael aka TheOwnlyHope. You guys are my ride or die crew and the glue that keeps it all together! My daughter Yolanda Johnson, Justus West, and Felix Oquendo brought FIYA as usual! I'm truly grateful for you guys blessing us with your awesome gifts!  To all of you who truly believe in us, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your love and support! 

All visitors are welcome: Explore the site by using the Navigation Bars above. Ezidinma and I have included a couple of videos of some of our past industry experiences that some of you may be familiar with.

Feel free to download some tracks by clicking on the link button of the Navigator Bars to select a music store!  Amazon and Google Play are currently the most popular.  However, it's whatever you prefer!  We love feedback so feel free!   ENJOY.  SAM..........

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